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Jan 14, 2013 5:00am PST
. >> investigators say mail often includes important tax documents that could help identity thieves. >> san jose firefighters are trying to determine the cause of a fire that force add family from the home. the call of the house fire yesterday afternoon and by the time they arrived, all six people in the two-story home including the family dog got out safe safely. officials believe the fire started on the wood shingle roof. crews stayed on the scene to guard against flareups. >> the san mateo city council will hear both sides on whether a new 7/11 store should be allowed to stay home on north san mateo drive. some neighbors fear the store will increase crime. they protested before the store opened claiming it violated local zoning laws. the area is zoned for housing although a store once occupied the site under a special exemption. >> the sharks are holding another noon work out today and it is open to the public at the practice facility. players wasted in time getting back to training camp at the sharks ice facility yesterday, a day after the nhl walkout ended going through their faces in front
Jan 15, 2013 5:00am PST
and federal tax incentives that can bring the price down thousands. >> the fat cats on wall street can learn something from a house cat named orlando who was pitted against professional investors in choosing stocks last year to make the picks he threw his toy mouse on a board with options and he earned $800 compared to $470 for the pro's. >> if attitude is everything we can learn something from a newborn panda cub. check out this picture. a great way to start the day for the giant panda who is more eager to check out the world. he was fed by the handlers at the chinese conservation area. he is saying hello. >> we have breaking news in the east bay with the battle of a structure fire not far from ear. amy hollyfield has the latest information from the firefighters right now and we will check with her ahead. >> lance armstrong comes clean, the admission he now is making and what it could >> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> at 5:29 we follow breaking news. a pier fire. >> amy joins us live from the scene. what have you learned, amy? >> i tried to figure if you can see anyt
Jan 16, 2013 5:00am PST
tax bills or directly to the garbage companies. officials estimate the collective savings to san jose taxpayers could range from several hundred thousand to $3 million. >> muni directors in san francisco have unanimously approved a $24 million contract to upgrade the transit agency's decade old communication system which involves improving nine metro stations with better platform displays and public dress system and monitoring the 26 power substations used for trolls and buses and light rail. there is will be a new broad band debt work to connect underground infrastructure which includes upgrading the extra patrol system. the work will take about a year and a half. muni awarded the contract to a fremont company. >> the maverick surf competition to, -- could, maybe, take place this weekend. organizers will know by friday or saturday if the conditions are right for surfing. if sunday is not a go they will keep watching. the window for the forecast is open until march 31. 25' is the minute but they prefer 30' or 40'. >> they prefer as big as they can get. >> they would still ride it at 1
Jan 17, 2013 5:00am PST
cigarette taxes in the last dozen years. at least two bay area cities are doing well in the fight against smoking, the lunch association gave both san francisco and oakland b grades for their efforts. >> the flu spreads across the country, a study confirms important news for pregnant women. researchers have found that the flu shot is safe for mothers-to-be with no evidence that the vaccine increases the risk of losing a fetus. they say it could prevent some deaths of fetuses confirming what officials have been urging that pregnant women get the flu shot. the study is in the new england journal of medicine. >> if you have seen gloves or socks to make your skin softer, now there are spa denim jeans, with the legs feeler softer up to 15 days after you wear them the first time. they run $140, of course, and are available online. >> we made you read that story to see you sweat. >> i am a professional. i do this for a living. >> coming up next at 6:00, yelp, then for reviews on businesses, right? now the website is expanding with new information users can now get. >> we are following breaking n
Jan 18, 2013 5:00am PST
and the doping admission, and our tax runs, has cheating become our national pastime? or has it always been this way and now it is harder to find? america's cheating epidemic. we will talk about that today >> welcome back on friday morning. new developments in the hostage situation in algeria. cnn reports that the united states air force is evacuating hostages from the b.p. gas complex in algeria where a battle has been going on for two days. algerian officials say special forces killed 18 of the islamic militant kidnappers. six people from the plant have been killed and five americans have reportedly escaped. we got word this morning from the associated press algerian state news says 60 foreign hostages are unaccounted for and negotiations have resumed. >> new worries. the battery maker behind boeing 787 dreamliner supplies batteries to nasa. >> a new reason to be less worried of those airport scanners. jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, the body scanners at the aiport are going away that are too revealing after a $5 million contract with a company that makes the
Jan 19, 2013 5:00am PST
. in a written statement he said the prior 18 months brought a state of taxing heather ishimaru use, though these challenges have been largely overcome i feel it is time to make a change in my professional lifestyle. he did not elaborate on his health problems. >>> the number of freshman applicants to attend the system for 2013 marks a record high. nearly 175,000 students have applied to attend the university of california next fall. that's a 10.7% increase over last fall. the largest increase is at uc santa cruz with a 16.9% jump in freshman plants. u.c. berkeley saw the smallest increase at 9.7%. it is 5:36. come up next we are behind the rest of the country but now the flu has come to california. how you can prevent your kids from being part of the national epidemic. >>> and let's take a live look outside at our mt. tam camera. a little shaky out there this morning. winds about 15 miles an hour. here look at the foreground and san francisco in the background where it's 46 degrees this morning. lisa will >> good morning, everyone. it's 5:40 on this saturday. you are look live at the embar
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6